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DJ Name Creator

The world is full of dance music DJs with ingenious names, if you want to create one without the effort then try this funky applet.

Click on Go and a name will be generated at random - "Fruit Machine" styleeee.

This applet is FREE to use for NON-COMMERCIAL web sites only - if you would like to use it on a commercial web site then contact me by email to discuss payment.

For non commercial web pages then download the dj.zip file and extract the dj.class file to the same directory as your webpage and then place:

<APPLET CODE="dj.class" WIDTH=320 HEIGHT=100></APPLET>

in your HTML wherever you want the fish to appear. If you do use it then please email me with your website's address and any comments on the applet that you have. Cash donations always welcome!

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Document last modified - 9th April 2000